2015 GAC Highlights

As you jump into 2016, we want to share some of our favorite project highlights from 2015 across our practice areas. Hopefully, these innovation-focused projects will spark an idea or align on places where you might want to FOCUS on what really matters most to you and your team.



Fostered Competency Development in New Product Launch Excellence for Fortune 500 Biopharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical company sought our help with critical shifts in mindset and capabilities. The organization has a robust specialty-pipeline but needed to elevate its new product launch effectiveness. Through a series of workshops and coaching sessions, GAC identified opportunities to improve the company’s current approach and the steps needed to evolve into a product-launch powerhouse. That includes allocating the right resources, fostering organizational engagement, understanding key value drivers for products — and ultimately, getting those products to patients faster.

Designed and Facilitated R&D Portfolio Evaluation Process and External Review Committee for Venture Investor

Prioritizing commercial viable R&D investments is critical in today’s environment, and therefore establishing transparent and reproducible selection processes was important to our client. We worked with them to design the process, criteria, and team to evaluate and prioritize investment opportunities. GAC provides ongoing meeting preparation support and facilitation.

Benchmarked the Evolution of R&D and Technology Conversion Collaborations Between Industry and Academic Medical Research Centers

Discovery research is increasingly outsourced, which means new collaboration models are emerging. To inform the R&D strategic plans, organization structure and investment requirements for an academic medical center, we assessed the evolution of industry relationships with academic medical centers. Our analysis underscored crucial trends behind how they collaborate to excel at developing advanced, marketable innovations.

Prioritized Expansion into New Strategic Market Segments for Innovative Molecular Diagnostic Company

Our laboratory diagnostics client was considering expansion into several new segments, based on industry trends and their evolving product portfolio. Combining analysis of claims data with qualitative and quantitative primary research, we quantified the market potential and success requirements for entry into a new segment. This work also leveraged insights from the IDN expert panel described above.



Projected the Future of Physician Group Practices Affiliated with Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) for Leading Medical Products Manufacturer

A leading medical product company needed insights into the evolution of U.S. physician group practices as more are becoming affiliated with integrated delivery health systems. We distilled our extensive research — which included recruiting an expert panel of seven IDN executives — into guidance that is helping the client navigate an evolving market segment. Our analysis encompassed insights regarding how changes in group practices determine future requirements for vendor participation in product development, services, promotion, and contracting with IDNs.

Aided in Maximization of New Product Uptake for Novel Infectious Disease Product for Global Pharmaceutical Company

The hospital environment around anti-invective is evolving rapidly. Our extensive qualitative marketing research and analysis enabled our multinational client to assess the effectiveness of positioning and early adoption by hospital specialists of their novel infectious disease product.

Conducted Comprehensive Gap Analysis Enabling Major Changes in Standard of Care, for Leading Global Pharmaceutical Innovator

For a global pharmaceutical client with a phase II novel therapeutic vaccine that is poised to change outcomes and standard of care in immunosuppressed patients, a wide range of primary and secondary research across key global markets was synthesized into a comprehensive business plan for sharing across global teams.



Developed an Acquisition Roadmap to Enter the Hospital Services Business for a Medical-Office Equipment Manufacturer

A medical equipment manufacturer wanted to expand its business into the ambulatory care service sector. To advance that strategic objective, we created an acquisition roadmap. Our team identified, screened and prequalified candidates — and the client is actively pursuing them.

Created Positioning Documents That Led to Phase II Clinical-Trial Funding for Small Pharmaceutical Developer

For an early-stage pharmaceutical company with a novel combo-product to treat pediatric and adult CNS disorders, our team developed product and market content, forecast models and summary documentation to pursue investors and partnerships. With these materials, the client has gained funding to advance into Phase II clinical trials.

Reengineered Business Development Efficiency with Robust Customized Database and Analytics Software Tool for the Global Business Development Team of a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Partnering with our sister company Optivara, we developed enabling tools that allows a global pharmaceutical company’s business development to be more nimble. Our team developed a dashboard interface to link external information on companies and product candidates with internal project tracking and status through all phases of due diligence. This provides the client with transparent, real-time information to speed the screening, pursuit and closure of transactions. It’s leading to improved capabilities and efficiency for this multi-country business development team.

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