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executives, advisors, and analysts ...oh my!

GAC has assembled a team of accomplished industry executives, advisors and analysts who share the same passion and talent: They devise strategies to help your team navigate the evolving healthcare industry. Our project specialists’ expertise ranges from strategy development, market analytics and finance to discovery research, clinical development, clinical utility, medical utility, commercial readiness and product launch.

Drawing from our global network of industry talent, GAC matches the right team to every project. The result: Expert, tailored solutions that meet your specific business challenges and opportunities.

GAC also partners with consultants who advise on the payer reimbursement and regulatory demands of product development and new market entry.

I wanted to say that the work of your group is wonderful. Immediately after the phone conference yesterday, my team sat down and quickly put together ideas for trials and for some additional experiments.

Senior VP – Research

It seems that every project we embark on is a stimulating and fun one, at least if you embrace forging new ground! Not every strategic partner does this well, but GAC has distinguished itself as team of individuals who can guide the way in advancing our strategy.

Vice President – Commercial

Thank you all for your impressive work. I always look forward to interacting with you. I just wanted to say that you did an absolutely superb job handling our project.

Senior VP – Product Development

Your team exceeded our expectations! We engaged you for what we knew was a complex project, and you cut through the complexity better than any consultants we have ever worked with. Impressive!

Senior VP – Global Marketing

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We've built a global network of highly experienced and accomplished consultants, and we continually seek to engage additional talented, results-driven professionals – like yourself?

We love our interns

Ready to dive into an internship at GAC? We provide the opportunity to participate on client projects, help with testing new service offerings, conduct secondary research, and interface with our consulting team.