Robert Hollar, MS


Robert Hollar

In his spare time:

  • Keeps up with the latest technology ideas
  • Enjoys movies and quoting them afterwards
  • Remodels or repairs his homes
  • Take pride in an annual vegetable garden
  • Keeps running jokes with his college fraternity bros

Innovates to make anything possible

Robert Hollar’s consulting focus is scientific and technology assessments, advanced analytics and strategic interpretation. In addition, Hollar is adept at designing modeling tools, decision algorithms and financial forecasting for innovative products, as well as providing technology optimization strategic plans. He has the unique perspective of someone who is innovation-minded and understands both the science and business issues involved in modern, technologically sophisticated companies.

Recent projects include financial projections and valuation modeling of a portfolio of drugs in development across multiple indications for a small bio-pharmaceutical company. He is also involved with building global development and lifecycle plan for a new technology platform based on technology attributes, competitive environment and current practice standards. In recent years, he has had primary oversight for GAC’s software development group and marketing research functions. He has developed proprietary analytics and software tools to support efforts to bring a more evidence-based and data-driven approach to healthcare operations, management and strategy.

Previously, Hollar has served as President of Eco Resources, Inc., Vice President of Raw Material Exports, Inc., and Program Director of the Diagnostics Division for Abbott Laboratories.

He holds an MS in analytical chemistry from Purdue University and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan in chemistry.