Case Study

Commercial Brand Portfolio Strategy

Business Need:

This leading pharmaceutical company had two primary therapeutic area franchises and had three pipeline products that would expand their commercial presence into two additional therapeutic areas. GAC was asked to evaluate these two new therapeutic areas to help with strategic marketing for their brands and to identify potential acquisitions that might strengthen their presence in these two new segments.

GAC conducted a market landscape, including: epidemiology, diagnosis & treatment approaches, market growth expectations, competitive dynamics, and expected future innovations (drug, procedures, diagnostics, etc.). GAC worked with one of our partner firms to simultaneously conduct a payer and pharmacoeconomic analysis of the three products. We tested the three target product profiles to discern clinicians’ perception of value and likely use and to explore the other products being used to treat this patient profile. Through the pipeline, on- market, and use evaluation, we identified eight potential acquisition targets and prioritized them into a business development roadmap for pursuit by the client’s BD team.

Deliverables & Outcome:

GAC provided a future outlook for two new therapeutic areas and defined participation requirements for the client. We constructed a strategic commercialization framework to help sequence and prioritize their marketing team’s efforts. This framework served as the tool when hiring agencies and building brand teams over the next two years. The Business Development roadmap was pursued and out of the eight targets, one was acquired and one was partnered for co-promotion. GAC continues to provide ongoing advisory services.

Project Profile


Leading International Pharmaceutical Company


New Franchise & Product Business Development Roadmap


Senior Director of Strategic Planning

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