Case Study

Commercial Customer/Competitor Segmentation

Business Need:

The client is a leader in Human Genetic Therapies with products in niche, highly valued market segments. Two successful products on the market had no competitors.

Two additional late stage pipeline products were to be launched in disease segments with a well recognized and entrenched competitor. GAC was engaged to help develop a strategic commercial plan for creation and implementation of the optimal service model to achieve and maintain the #1 or #2 global market share position in each of their therapeutic areas.

The Project Framework was developed to include four phases:

  1. Conduct secondary and primary research to benchmark best practices and to identify unmet needs. Research included competitive intelligence, and multiple in-depth interviews and focus groups with stakeholders including physicians, patients, and caregivers.
  2. Create strategic alternatives for consideration by evaluating research findings and clarifying key priorities. Alternatives were ranked by stakeholder and a hypothesis developed of the baseline service elements that must be provided, as well as the differentiating elements to include in a highest value service model.
  3. Build an economic model to evaluate the financial impact of top alternatives. Assumptions around core focus, key support elements, timing, & resource requirements and tradeoffs were considered.
  4. Finalize a service model recommendation and summary report.

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Summary of secondary and primary research output.
  • Analysis of research findings and hypotheses of optimal service model elements.
  • Preliminary forecasting model.
  • On-site workshops with client’s commercial team to synthesize project output and gain team alignment on recommendations and priorities.

Project Profile


Leading International Pharmaceutical Company


Commercial Service Model Development


VP of Commercial Operations

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