Case Study

Commercial Launch Excellence

Business Need:

After a reorganization, company determined a need to improve commercialization approaches, and created a ‘commercial excellence’ team to infuse a disciple and a best-practice approach across the global brand teams. The project goal was to create a launch planning process that brings consistency, organizational discipline and elevates the quality of commercial product launch plans across the pipeline products and product life cycle.

Project Description:

GAC was asked to develop a Pre-Peri-and Post-Launch Product Roadmap and implementation training guide for organizational on-boarding.


  • GAC used its internal launch process framework, identified internal company best practices, external launch expertise and secondary publications.
  • Working with an internal project team, we designed and produced a robust roadmap, project manager, and document management tool with all key launch deliverables for consideration in a launch plan. Five Commercial Dimensions (CD) were defined and core strategic questions to be addressed for each CD over time. Templates were developed to guide user.
  • Identified key activities to the GAC Commercial Dimension framework of Prepare: Strategy, Product, Market, Brand and Organization.
  • Linked key activities to the clinical development time horizon so that important commercial input is provided at appropriate times during the clinical development time horizon. Approach mapped earliest pre-clinical through to first use in market.
  • Identified key activities by functional department participants.
  • Provided templates, strategic questions to ask, Progress/Report Out.
  • Developed a communication/training guide and extensive cross functional input to assure buy in of the end deliverable.
Commercial Launch

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Provided company with a first ever roadmap to consider commercial needs of a launch early in the clinical development plan thru launch, allowing for optimization of brand value from day 1.
  • Provided a clear checklist for whether a product is launch ready and what commercial activities are needed to move to the next clinical development stage.
  • Integrated with and expanded on the company’s annual brand planning approach, filling gaps and providing clear, usable templates.
  • Outcome: Product training put into place. Interactive Launch Roadmap made widely available, integrated in Commercial Excellence team Intranet site. Commercial Excellence team provided GAC with positive feedback on company response from senior executive sponsors.

Project Profile


Leading International Healthcare Company


Commercial Launch Strategy Development


Sr. Director, Global Marketing

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