Case Study

Market Characterization & Product Adoption Forecast

Business Need:

Company was seeking to in-license a series of products and desired an independent systematic assessment of the market and segment attractiveness.

Project Description:

Provide an objective quantitative assessment and modeling tool, characterizing and forecasting the opportunity in the overall market, hospital in-patient, out-patient, acute care settings, and retail Rx market sub-segments.


  • Using prescription data and GAC-sourced secondary data, develop a market landscape assessment for the Acute and Chronic market, profiling use and trends by molecule, delivery forms, price, brand vs generic, site of care, patient and prescriber segmentation.
  • Assessed growth trends and projections by molecule type, product, competitors and segment.
  • Review future competitive entrants and characterize future market threats.
  • Conducted an analogue product assessment of recent products uptake in the category to derive forecast boundaries. Develop financial assumptions and market revenue forecast in chronic and acute care market and uptake assumptions in acute care segment.
  • Designed and programmed a referenceable database and searchable tool, for ongoing ad hoc queries for the client to examine acquisition candidates.
Market Characterization

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Data Analysis Tool (DAT) aggregated prescription data to allow comparisons across dosage forms, brand vs. generic, mg strength and sales dollars by molecule and sites of care. DAT is menu driven and allows for ongoing quick reference and analysis.
  • Developed a forecast model using analogue products to predict minimal, base and upside adoption, and programmed and delivered an analytic tool allowing the client to query the database which incorporated 5 year trends.
  • Executive summary document characterizing the market and market segments.
  • Client was able to use the insights to help make a rapid decision on Go No-Go for the product in consideration.

Project Profile


Leading Hospital Products Company


Business Development / Transaction Support


Director of Global Marketing

Giles & Associates enabled the business development team to complete an exhaustive quantitative evaluation of a class of products, that to our knowledge had never been defined or conducted before. GAC quickly tackled the project using their distinctive analytical methods and market-modeling tools that enabled us to make our decision and empowered us with an enduring tool to reuse in future evaluations.

– Director Global Marketing

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