Case Study

Product Attribute Assessment

Business Need:

Company wanted to understand the customer acceptance and potential impact of unique storage and administration requirements for a recently acquired injectable product. The engagement clarified the impact that the unique storage and handling requirements have on the products attractiveness, adoption and utility.

Project Description:

Qualitative primary research using in-person, one on one interviews, and on-line e-survey with global target prospective customers.


  • Developed discussion guide and survey to assess target product profile, including range of attributes on product storage and delivery.
  • Conducted field work at an international conference attended by the target audience and followed up with an e-survey.
  • Completed 33 total interviews & surveys with global participants.
  • Summarized current practices and response to target product profile attribute ranges.
  • Correlated findings across efficacy and storage and administration options to assess impact of adoption based on unique product variables.
Product Attribute Assessment

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Input received from prescribers in 11 countries practicing across major medical centers, teaching & community hospitals and specialty clinics.
  • GAC was able to correlate the favorability of the product’s use based on the storage and administration requirements, providing a minimal/base/upside target for clinical trial efficacy.
  • In testing the target product profile, GAC was able to uncover other important drivers of treatment decisions and potential detractors to use. Insights revealed differences based on patient type, geography, treatment site of care and prescribing specialty.
  • Insights from the research addressed the target question but also provided insight that allowed the company, during early stage clinical development to better understand the customer needs and how to address their motivations – an important learning to guide the clinical development plan.

Project Profile


Leading International Pharmaceutical Company


Market Intelligence


Director, Global Marketing

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