Case Study

Product Launch Optimization

Business Need:

Company desired an independent analysis for an important new product, 6 months from first country launch.They sought an objective assessment of their launch strategy and detailed plan for launch optimization, including identifying and addressing potential market and regulatory contingencies.

Project Description:

Pressure Testing and Contingency Planning of a Global, Differentiated, New Product Launch Strategy.


  • GAC created a scenario development workshop to identify and scope the potential risk issues that a contingency plan would need to address.
  • Facilitated a 1-day workshop with cross-functional global team to fully characterize the scenarios and their triggers, after which it was determined that a base plan pressure test and optimization should be also conducted.
  • GAC evaluated base plan ‘go-to-market’ strategy and, using company-provided and independently sourced data, then developed an alternative strategy against which the base plan could be tested.
  • GAC briefed an internal global team on the alternative strategy in preparation for a 3-day planning workshop.
  • Facilitated team assessment and input during a 3-day workshop to identify key imperatives and supporting actions required to optimize base plan and address contingencies.
  • Developed recommendations and report following the workshop.
Strategy Development

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Set a stronger and broader vision for the brand to be communicated internally and externally, where one was missing.
  • Refined base strategy and patient segmentation approach. GAC-proposed “alternative” strategy was viewed as adding needed excitement and support for the brand and market opportunity.
  • Developed roadmap of prioritized key improvements to optimize the plan and anticipate and prepare for market and regulatory contingencies including:
    • Key imperatives.
    • Designated imperative owners.
    • Desired results and due dates.
    • Milestones and critical activities achieve results.
    • Triggers for deployment of contingency plans.
  • Executive debrief determined that this approach would be recommended for future product planning.

Project Profile


Top 15 Multinational Pharmaceutical Company


Strategy Development


Global Marketing

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