Case Study

Strategy for Business Transformation and Exit

Business Need:

Leadership team had never developed a market-based strategic plan to objectively assess, gain alignment, and proactively determine how to prioritize investments and resources on most attractive market segments. The goal was to position the company for sustainable profitable growth or exit with an improved multiple over current valuation.

Project Description:

Build a 3-year strategic plan following an acquisition, divestiture, and help position the company for a major divestiture or partnership within planning horizon.


  • Analyzed available secondary and primary marketing research on all current and potential market segments. Established attractiveness criteria to apply to all.
  • Designed and conducted (cost effective) marketing research tools to assess current purchasing decision practices, competitors, and future customer needs. Defined the businesses range of growth opportunities and requirements.
  • Drafted strategic goals and facilitated leadership team planning sessions to share goals, rationale, research finds compared to attractiveness criteria. Designed and assigned planning process for leaders to build relevant plans with their functional teams.
  • With the CEO built and documented the growth plan and performance metrics by business segment, crafted the BOD presentation and strategic plan employee communication rollout.
  • Aided in defining the range of and attractiveness of potential acquisition targets.

Deliverables & Outcome:

The project was initiated in 2011 for 2012 implementation. The company sold to the largest industry player in 2013 at a 5.5x multiple.

Project Profile


Privately held medical products company with niche line of differentiated, premium priced products.


Strategy Development, Facilitation, Marketing Research, and Forecasting



…we followed the plan we built together in 2011 well!!!! We no longer have the one underperforming business, increased our scale in our core products, broadened our product line with the addition of the new segments, improved our gross and net margins, delivered on our innovation pipeline, built a solid acquisition pipeline, and changed the perspective of the company to be viewed as a broad product platform rather than just a disposable business.

All of that work attracted the best possible corporate partner! Now we also sell a broader synergistic product line, will be a part of a very large public company, and have a large global manufacturing and sales footprint!

All in the plan! Thank you…


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