Case Study

Target Product Profile Development

Business Need:

Develop market-informed target product profiles to help guide clinical development and commercial planning. Company desired a plan to optimize the long-term valuation of an in-licensed Phase 3 product, targeted at a specialty target population. GAC was asked to provide market input to develop an optimal target product profile for the product’s indications. The goal was to identify and quantify the characteristics and product target segments that would help increase the product’s long-term value.

Project Description:

Develop a Target Product Profile for a novel vaccine to provide guidance to the research team on the most important product claims and target market segments.


  • GAC performed secondary research, analysis, and interpretation to characterize the market, using sourced and company-provided information. Analysis included current and future market unmet needs and quantification of the various target market segments.
  • GAC conducted in-depth primary research interviews and on-line surveys in US, EU and Japan to test a range of product characteristics and potential target segments.
  • Target product profiles were developed and further tested and refined using input from 2 face-to-face expert panel sessions.
TPP Development Methodology

Deliverables & Outcome:

  • Identified the range of current treatment approaches and drivers of treatment decision by geography.
  • Prioritized range of product attributes and clinical and logistical adoption requirements.
  • Modeled adoption potential by target patient segments.
  • Developed and quantified adoption and revenue potential for Target Product Profile based on minimal, base and optimal profiles.
  • Outcome: Phase II plans were revised to incorporate the recommendations. Company targeting use to enhance product value based on expanding on the initial profile segment assumptions.

Project Profile


Top 15 multinational pharmaceutical company


Target Product Profile Development and Valuation


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