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clear, objective strategic vision

In strategic planning, whether it’s comprehensive strategy development or process facilitation, a fresh set of eyes can help. GAC offers clear, objective strategic vision for corporate, franchise, therapeutic area and product strategy development.

"Perception is strong and sight is weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things."

GAC is recognized for spotting viable market opportunities, defining the real product value drivers, and building strategic scenarios that allow us to model and examine alternative futures. Understanding the levers and trade-offs between scenarios empowers our clients to make more objective, informed decisions.

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Strategy Development

Enterprise, Business Unit, Technology & Product Strategies

How is the marketplace likely to evolve? And how might your product, technology, or ideas influence that evolution? Those are critical questions when building a strategic plan, and GAC knows how to find answers. We work to define the future market, and your best alternatives to be successful in it. This may include greater investment in one area, new acquisitions, stopping a program or building new capabilities to compete — but all elements are aligned to a clear understanding of the vision and requirements for success.

Market Landscape & Opportunity Assessments

We regularly address the question “How attractive is this market segment for us to expand into?” Often our clients have a product, portfolio or technology that allows them to participate. They want a thorough assessment of size, growth drivers, competitors, customers, market influencers and opportunities to participate or restate current practices.

Portfolio Optimization

It’s difficult for many organizations to stop or reprioritize investments, and much easier to add new initiatives into R&D. We’ve establishing clear criteria and methods to evaluate products, and that allows for rationale and transparent decisions. Many of our clients recognize that portfolio strategy, asset selection and resource focus are critical competencies for sustainable growth.

Scenario Development & Forecasting

The future can look very different depending on what lens you view it from. GAC helps structure uncertainties into discrete scenarios to examine and determine what can be done to influence the most favorable outcomes — while understanding contingencies based on identifiable milestones. Using scenario development methodology and forecast modeling, we can replace uncertainties with rational approaches to new business challenges and opportunities.

Global New Product Planning

Launch excellence is the buzz word now, but what we really strive for is optimization of each new meaningful product. GAC works with clients to build exceptional global plans that enable reproducible, effective execution. As requirements for new product access tighten, those plans become increasingly vital. They define the critical success drivers and build integrated plans to address them — which helps our clients forge a path to sustainability.

Engagement x Snapshots


New Launch Benchmarking

Create a best-practices assessment and launch plan development for client’s new MOA launch.

GAC engaged to help gain insights of the critical success factors, potential pitfalls, and implication of recent vaccine and antiviral therapy launches.

Client: Multi-national pharmaceutical company


Validate Profile

Validate a target product profile, and prioritize the market indications of a new technology platform for a major innovator in transplantation health.

GAC utilized its expertise in market and portfolio analytics to develop a database that scores and ranks future markets for asset optimization in a life cycle management plan.

Client: Multi-national pharmaceutical company


Portfolio Optimization

Design a portfolio optimization process and investment fund to evaluate and advance early-stage product candidates for a major academic research hospital.

GAC partnered with R&D and medical center leadership to prioritize investment across a broad range of R&D projects and appropriately allocate internal grants from their overall portfolio fund.

Client: Comprehensive cancer center and research institution

Case Studies

Corporate Strategic Planning

GAC conducted two Strategic Portfolio Planning projects for a BioTech client in 2005 and 2010 and developed the strategic portfolio plan from four phases of work.

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Commercial Launch Excellence

After a reorganization, company determined a need to improve commercialization approaches, and created a ‘commercial excellence’ team to infuse a disciple and a best-practice approach across the global brand teams.

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Commercial Customer/Competitor Segmentation

The client is a leader in Human Genetic Therapies with products in niche, highly valued market segments. Two successful products on the market had no competitors.

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Product Launch Optimization

Company desired an independent analysis for an important new product, 6 months from first country launch.

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