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Leadership Support & Advisory

C-suite executives, Boards of Directors, and other leadership teams frequently seek GAC’s objective guidance as they pursue their strategic direction. These support requests might include evaluation of systematic upgrades, exploration of ideas, or being a sounding board in preparation for far-reaching changes.

As a trusted advisor and partner, we maintain a macro frame of reference and offer objective, respectful and transparent support during challenging and exciting phases of your organization’s growth.

"I have truly appreciated the connection we’ve maintained over the years and your professional expertise on key engagements has been invaluable to me as a business leader. I always feel so much smarter after learning from you."

― Senior Executive, Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Healthcare Products, Equipment and Diagnostic Software

Advisory Service Offerings

Leadership Team Goal Alignment
Issue Resolution
Organization Infrastructure
Acquisition or Partnership Targets
Strategic Plan Progress Tracking and Reporting
Ad hoc Opportunity Evaluations
Benchmark & Enterprise Comparisons

“GAC brings out the best in others. When they get folks in a room, they are there for the purpose of learning and collaborating. That's how innovative ideas come together.”

– Chief Scientific Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

Advisory – Case Study Briefs

New CEO Pharmaceutical Company Transformation

Supported CEO in building his leadership team and gaining alignment on critical areas of focus required to meet aggressive goals. Advised on improvement of leadership interactions by establishing clear goals and accountability and creating appropriate forums to resolve issues. Helped convert from closed decision making to transparent and respectful interactions.

Venture Investor Seeks Investment Advisory (Start-up Biotech Company)

Supported evaluation of a new business for an experienced former CEO and active investor.  Highlighted critical technical and business areas for consideration and helped define milestones to calibrate investment tranches.

Creation & Facilitation of External R&D Portfolio Advisory Committee (Academic Medical Center)

Established internal & external experts to support evaluation of commercially viable early stage R&D programs for potential funding.
Crafted evaluation criteria to support semi-annual review. Resulting in improved # and value of licensing transactions for funded programs.

Enterprise-wide Implementation of NGS Strategic Partnership (Academic Medical Center)

Evaluated potential strategic partners to support enterprises Next Generation Sequence testing expansion. Upon selection supported development of Partnership agreements, designed a steering committee and implementation plan for roll-out across health system sites.

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