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Successful planning begins with the right process and the right contributors.
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Business and strategic plans

Realizing Your Full Potential

Strategy development and business planning is tough, high-stakes work. We know – we’ve done it many times.

We actively collaborate with you to understand your vision, unique ideas, challenges and potential.

We customize the process to ensure we engage leadership and stakeholders, gather accurate data, and apply expert analysis and objective perspective.

We focus on uncovering the precise requirements for each client’s success.

We develop business and strategic plans at the enterprise, business unit, therapeutic area, and product level.

We can ensure there is a clear path to implement the plan throughout your organization, with KPIs and metrics to monitor progress.

"Perception is strong and sight is weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things."

– Miyamoto Musashi

Strategy & Planning Offerings

Enterprise Strategic Plans
Business Plan Development
Commercial Launch
Financial Modeling & Valuation
Competitor Assessments
R&D Strategy & Portfolio Investment
Opportunity Assessments
  • Value Drivers & Value Proposition
  • Target Product Profile Development
  • Clinical, Patient & Payor Requirements
Capabilities & Resource Assessments
Implementation Plans
  • Key Performance Metrics and Tracking Dashboards

"GAC went above and beyond to work through our complex issues. They supported us with an A-team of experts, deep knowledge base, and valued experience.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

Planning – Case Study Briefs

Biomedical Informatics Business Plan (Academic Medical Center)
Developed a dedicated biomedical informatics (BMI) department organizational structure and comprehensive business plan for a major academic medical center (AMC). The multi-step approach included an internal inventory and skill assessment, external benchmarking of BMI organizational structures and best practices, organizational design working sessions, financial modeling of investment required, performance metrics and full documented business plan. Read the full case study here.

5-year Enterprise Strategic Plan (Academic Medical Center)

Developed the growth strategy for clinical care, clinical sites, and R&D, including aspirations, capabilities, resource requirements, and pro forma forecasts.  Conducted external benchmarking and synthesized multi-disciplinary internal input to map expected advances in cancer care and translational research, and the role of IT and bioinformatics to inform their strategic direction and success requirements.

Product Development & Launch Strategy (Public Global Biotech Company)

Evaluated and planned development and commercialization of an innovative drug/device technology for drug and vaccine delivery.  Conducted primary research with clinicians and payers to test value proposition, requirements to change standards of practice, alternative business models, pricing, and uptake. Created scenarios to assess financial implications and align investment with clinical development and commercialization priorities.  Delivered a 5-year business plan, with implementation roadmap and 10-year financial pro forma.

New Assay Portfolio Strategy (Molecular Diagnostic Company)

Prioritized R&D investment for new assay and panel development based on market need and technology advantages. Drew input from clinical and laboratory experts along with internal contributors to model investment trade-offs. Delivered recommendations, investment requirements, and projected impact on growth and valuation.

Proteomic CRO Business Plan Validation (Academic Medical Center)

Evaluated and significantly enhanced a draft business plan for a new proteomics research and clinical testing laboratory.  Assessed the financial forecast assumptions and market opportunity, then identified viable customer segments and valued services to reposition the range of research, translation and clinical test offerings.  The final business plan comprised a clear set of priorities, resource requirements, financial projections and implementation timing.

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