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Customized research and analytics deliver insights that inform critical decisions.
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Our rigorous approach to research starts with clearly identifying which information is most critical for your specific issues. Then we create a customized approach sure to yield compelling insights about the market and competitive landscape for your product or technology.

While most innovators are experts in their own field, they often need additional data and objectivity about the marketability of their innovation and who will pay for it. Sometimes we simply validate their existing research to support investment decisions, and other times we start from the very beginning.

Either way, we meet you where you are. We design secondary and primary research, then analyze and interpret it to deliver recommendations and the very important “so-whats.”

“In today’s complex and fast-moving world, what we need even more than foresight or hindsight is insight.”

– Anonymous

Intelligence Services

Our proprietary approaches to predicting market evolution enable you to clearly envision your role in the marketplace of the future. We gain intelligence through several techniques, some include expert panels, secondary and primary research, and sifting through your library of information.

Techniques & Deliverables

“Other consultants can do primary research and relate information, but they can't synthesize well. GAC always brings strong teams forward, then weaves in layers of meaningful insights.”

– SVP Strategy and Business Development, Medical Device Company

Intelligence – Case Study Briefs

New Product Concept & Target Product Profile Development (Global Pharmaceutical Company)

Determined the most attractive indications and profile for R&D and global commercialization of a promising product in Phase 1b development.  Assessed the needs, fit, and country requirements to design target product profile scenarios (optimal, base and minimally acceptable) for this novel MOA.  Balanced priorities from external contributors with clinical development feasibility to provide an objective recommendation and rationale for continued development.

Pediatric Device Product Commercial Improvement (Medical Device Company)

Quantitative data analysis to validate downward trends in sales and customer satisfaction, and to identify steps along the patient journey most responsible for the decline.  Conducted primary market research interviews with both existing and potential customers to gain deeper understanding of root issues and suggestions for improvement.  Research findings were presented, along with recommendations prioritized on basis of estimated cost, implementation difficulty, and  expected return on customer satisfaction and sales. 

R&D Portfolio Evaluation & Optimization (Academic Medical Center)

Developed a process to objectively evaluate out-licensing potential of early stage translational research. Developed a project evaluation framework and established a semi-annual review process with internal and external expert advisors. GAC facilitation of these meetings over the last 6 years ensured funds are directed to the most scientifically relevant and commercially viable research.  Programs are regularly monitored to maintain milestone-based funding, with the client enjoying superior licensing volume and terms.

Medical Equipment Artificial Intelligence Integration (Medical Equipment & Device Company)

Vetted the company’s business concept of integrating medical equipment with artificial intelligence (AI) across various healthcare settings and sectors. Assessed the clinical and economic value to customers and identified which applications were deemed most viable in the near- and long-term. Repositioned the concept and specifications to target the most promising segments. 

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