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Taking care of the myriad "small things" that comprise a successful outcome.
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Ensuring Transaction Success

We formulate an effective deal strategy and assist with all facets from pre-deal preparation through post-deal integration to improve your likelihood of success.

GAC provides technical, financial and market due diligence and other services to support decision-making and structure transactions strategically.

Many clients ask us to assess product development and regulatory plans, test commercial assumptions and vet financial forecasts. We help create and execute roadmaps for out-licensing or in-licensing, targeting new products or technologies.

Our consultants develop the critical materials and maintain focus on when, how, and by whom it will be executed.

"You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction."

– Alvin Toffler

Transaction Offerings

Transaction process
Product to Market Fit Business/Technology Valuations
Acquisitions & Divestitures
Deal Benchmarks
Due Diligence
Business Development Roadmap
Non-confidential and Confidential Investor Presentations
BD Opportunity Tracking Database

“GAC was very polished, smart, efficient, nimble and a pleasure to deal with. They helped us work through delicate issues between our leadership team and BOD… to advance out-license and deal terms."

– Chief Operating Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

Transaction – Case Study Briefs

Prepare for Partnership or Divestment (Private Pharmaceutical Company Start-up)

Worked with executive team and Board of Directors to integrate internal and external data into non-confidential and confidential investor pitch decks.  Incorporated input from thought leaders and client’s advisory board, highlighting information gaps and refining the forecasting model to ensure viability.  Designed a prioritized Business Development Roadmap of prospective partners or acquirers and established the process for outreach to prospects.

Business Development Roadmap (Start-up Diagnostic Services Company)

Created a prioritized client-targeting database for new business and commercial function. Developed criteria and filtered proprietary databases to determine pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies with early development programs in the disease areas and mechanisms of interest, profiling their technologies and pipeline to assess fit with the offered range of services. Tested findings with companies across sectors to refine customer targeting  and design a searchable database of prospects ranked on likely fit. Identified specific opportunities to reach top tier prospects through conferences, networking, or direct sales.

Business Development Tracking Database (Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company)

Developed custom software tool that enables users to quickly search internal and external business databases and assess status of past and current BD opportunities.  Search results based on historical project progression identify best practices and enable data-driven expectations.  Custom dashboards facilitate team collaboration and management oversight.

Global Partnerships Across Entire Portfolio - Database Development (Top 12 Global Pharmaceutical Company)

Delivered customized, searchable database reflecting market and partnering status for all company products across countries worldwide.  Incorporated algorithms to identify and prioritize opportunities by product and geography. Highlighted where commercial partnerships should be established or were no longer needed.

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